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Application Limits

◎Max. ambient temperature+40℃

◎Sand content(in mass fraction) up to 0.01%

◎Hydrogen sulfide content up to 1.5mg/L, chlorideion content upto 400mg/L

◎pH6.5 to 8.5

Maximum: 70 m below the static water table.

Advantages & Features

◎Edible oil flled motor, stable& reliable running withpressureregulating membrane;

◎Single phase motor equipped with capacitor&current mode thermal protector, convenient forreplacement;

◎Installation in 2.5" or larger boreholes;

◎ Brass oil chamber.

Performance Data


Performance Range

Max. Flow: 3m³/h 
Max. Head: 110m

Application Limits

◎ Max. ambient temperature 40℃; 
◎ Maximum permissible quantity of sand:100g/m³ ;
◎ Hydrogen sulfide content up to 1.5mg/L, chloride ion
content up to 400mg/L;
◎ pH 6.5 to 8.5;
◎ Maximum: 70m below the static water table.


Application Fields

◎ Building/construction work/Domestic water supply; 
◎ Irrigation and Small water work; 
◎ Landscaping; 
◎ Water conservancy system;
◎ Factory.


◎ Edible oil filled motor, stable& reliable running with pressure regulating membrane; 

◎ Single phase motor equipped with capacitor &current mode

thermal protector, convenient for replacement;

◎ Installation in 2.5" or larger boreholes

◎ Brass oil chamber.

Optional Available On Request

(* Standard configuration on Page 03)

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